About Golden Brown

From The Stranglers, cooking pots, rock music, electronic genres & foley experiments.

The studio got its name from The Stranglers‘ „Golden Brown“, one of those songs that express a great deal of creativity and has a certain uniqueness to its style. That is also what goldenbrownstudio is about. A safe space where ideas and experiments turn into interesting sound scapes and sfx for original productions or as sonic expansions for remixes and already recorded material.

My name’s Daniel, and I’m a sound engineer, musician and music producer and I’ve been working with music ever since I discovered cooking pots. While in my early years, I focused mostly on rock music, I later discovered that there are way more interesting ways to make music than just recording traditional „rock instruments“, which lead me into a variety of interesting electronic genres and foley experiments. While I still enjoy producing and writing rock music, it was mostly due to electronic music and foleys that I started combining these unusual elements to the „acoustic instruments genre“ to add something extra to the listener’s ear.